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Welcome to Dada Dadi Park

Inspired & blessed   by Shri. Vinubhai Valia, the above foundation was established and under the aegis of this foundation “DADA DADI PARKs” for senior citizens are being created in Borivali, Mumbai.

Our Aims

  1. To bring smile and happiness in the life of Sr. Citizen   and create situation where they mingle with each other.
  2. To create such atmosphere that Sr. Cit.  Share their views, feelings of happiness and discuss social problems.
  3. To come in contact with equal minded members to share their feelings.  To make friends and establish relationship so as to create share and care spirit.
  4. To share the moments of sorrow and happiness.
  5. To take out the best from Silvers.
  6. To offer Tea/Coffee/Soup/Milk and other facilities like T V, News Paper, Computer Education, offer medical help and other such devices so as to have fountain of happiness from within.
  7. To take them to good Cinema/Drama musical shows. Provide with seasonal articles like UMBRELLS, take them to picnic tour to cultivate good habit so as to help each other.
  8. To honor and boost talent in the last leg of their life by inviting them at different programs where they will be answering and questioning on various topics.
  9. To honor and boost human attitudes at this juncture of their life, senior citizens will be invited   to attend  various social factions to erase the feeling of loneliness and dependence
  10. To help  senior citizen in rewinding their joy of life by arranging plays, mimic show, dance show and also to activate them so  they can dance and sing their old favorites and make them more loveable.
  11. To rekindle and thereby make their time more exciting by inviting senior citizen s to make up their mind and tell the stories at a group meetings.
  12. To invite senior men and women to participate in various contests to take best out of them.
  13. To keep their bodies fit a sports competition to be organized where senior men and women will participate in indoor /outdoor games.
  14. To kindle the rays of social service in order to encourage them to serve the society at large.
  15. To offer the senior citizen opportunities to travel at pilgrimage and other picnic centers, various tours and picnics will be conducted time to time.
  16. To keep them fit, organize health camp for members so they may maintain their health.
  17. To give went to their feelings and problems to publish a regular yearly magazine where they can participate and show their talent.
  18. To do all such thing so as to make Sr.Cit. happy and meaning full in their second innings of their life.
  19. To offer scholarship to deserving students/below poverty line.
  20. To offer medical aids to deserving members.
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