Why & How of DADA DADI PARK Borivali west Mumbai 400092

Three units in Borivali west Mumbai launched by Pushpamaa foundation, inspired by Shri Vinubhai Valia.

Total membership –7500.

The most common and frequent question asked by the visitors, Koshish readers, Visitors to web site and citizens of Mumbai is that how the idea was conceived, nurtured and translated in to action.

The Dada Dadi Park has been a talk of the town, and slowly, reached and spread not only with in India, but almost all the countries when Shri. Amir khan show spread the activities of Dada Dadi Park in his show “SATYAMEV JAYATE”

Let me un fold the circumstance under which Valia family put in shape the concept they had nourished for many people thought about VRUDDHA SHRAM for meeting the needs of the Sr. Citizen, but no-body thought over the idea that most of the problems of Sr. Citizen could be successfully solved some other way. It was obvious that most of the Sr.Cit. had problem to make friends, communicate problems to somebody, share their views and provide opportunity to give vent to their ideas, thoughts & problems, in city like Mumbai, the space problem is west, the negligence towards elders knowingly or un knowingly, the communication gap separated the old and new generation, breaking of family system, rush towards cities and spread of education among boys and girls, the new inventory that turned our house in to the world, the communication system – all resulted in breaking up the family.

We all know that 1.Q intelligent questioned gone in new generation - as even a child of just 6 years, can operate the computer, but the side effect is tremendous. With the advancement of Q.1 the E. Q. come down and probably this is the main reason, which ultimately broke the family system.

Late Smt. Pushpaben had taken a serious note of this development , had visualized the agony of the Sr. Citizen and the multi- faced problems, Sr. Citizens were facings.

Late Pushpaben had enough experience from other families and had some ideas of assembling the elders- both men and women for five six hours a day and had talks with the family members. She was a first lady, who always shared and cared for agonies of people around, her heart was full of pain and always discussed with the members of her family to do something for this lot, who had no other alternative but to be insulted, and some cases were treated like old furniture in the house.

Not all Sr. fall in this category, as even these will –to-do families the problems was existing as old and new ideas always resulted in negative approach. Even in well – to do family the problems were there—may be with a different degree.

After her sad demise, the problem was thought over by the members of the family especially Shri Vinubhai andShri Jayeshbhai who shared the desire of late Smt. Pushpaben and had thought in various direction.

Shri Vinubhai had seen the Sr. Cit. assembled in small numbers, on both sides of S.V. Road, after the shops were closed. Shri Vinubhai was thinking if there could be a place where all these Sr. Cit. assemble. But, for years the problem evaded the solution.

Mean while, Shri Jayeshbhai a frequent visitors to foreign countries, show Sr. Citizen assembled in the evening and discuss their problems in such a small assembly.

Sharing these idea with Shri Vinubhai, who always provided some ideas, inspired Shri Jayeshbhai to think about Sr. Citizen in Borivali and if they could assemble at an appointed places rather than meeting in small numbers after the shop were closed.

After a few months of deliberate with family members and other friends of the family they could formulate a Kaccha plan if it would be possible to provide these these and their elders to meet at a particular place.

The problem of Sr. Citizen occupied the ninety of Valia family especially Shri Vinubhai and Shri Jayeshbhai. The idea was conceived that instead of VRUDDHR SHRAM, if they can arrange assembly of elders for a couple of hour’s everyday.

The question was about place and finance. Valia family now wanted to do something solid for Sr. Citizen and then began the journey towards establishing the DADA DADI PARK.

The solution come after long discussion with M L A Shri Gopal Shetty and other, Shri Shetty and other responded immediately hand over a small portion of the garden for DADA DADI PARK,

The financial burden was accepted by Shri Jayeshbhai Valia –a leading businessman and Builder---developer.

The first unit of DADA DADI PARK was established in Feb.2006 with few hundred members which now have risen to 5100.

Looking to the rush and success of unit no 1, come in existence unit no 2 with a help of MLA Shri Vinod Ghosalkerji at I C Colony.

The third unit comes in to existence when we saw overwhelming enthusiasm & support of Sr. Citizens, the third unit was established with the help and support of Shri Pravinbhai Shah corporator in Soniwadi.

There is institution s for sr. citizens but this Dada Dadi Park is Unique in many ways.

  1. No donation is accepted. All the three units are fully supported by Shri Vinubhai Valia family.
  2. Life membership is just given for Rs. 102/ Rs 100/ for identity Card and Rs. 2/ for the form.

Hats off to Shri Vinubhai – the inspirer –Shri Jayeshbhai and Valia Family for full support. The park could not have existed but for active support of Shri Gopal Shettyji, Shri Vinod Ghosalkerji and Shri Pravinbhai Shah. We salute them for their help. The idea has gained momentum to an extent that there are 1000 (One thousand) in waiting list. The team of enthusiastic workers is there to manage the Park.

A ray of hope, a smile on their faces and readiness to share and care for each other is a priority product of the Park.

Let us all try for the joyful, and happy second inning of the elders- silvers as we can now say.

About Us

Inspired by Shri Vinubhai Valia, a sole donor, Pushpa”MAA” foundation, Dada Dadi park was born on 6thNovember2006 exclusively for seniors citizens. At present having membership of around 65oo seniors in suburbs of Borivali, Mumbai and a long waiting list.

Only charitable trust / Organization in our country taking care of Silvers by:- Admission of Life membership for a mere amount of Rs.102/ only (Rs 100 for magnetic I D card and Rs 2/ as membership fee) No donation is accepted by any one.

D D P is open for One and half hour in Morning and Two hours in Evening from Monday to Saturday.(Except Sunday and Bank holidays) Offering Tea/Coffee/Tomato soup/Badam Milk daily free of cost to all members. 60% attendance is compulsory taken by modern computer system. Free basic computer training is provided to members .585 seniors trained so far.

Well equipped Library, having Gujarati, English, Marathi & Hindi books on various subjects, is maintained besides news papers in Hindi, Gujarat, and English & Marathi. Various activities like Yoga teaching, acupressure and laughing club is being organized for our members benefit.

We have weekly chart of visit of Physicians ,Orthopedic surgeon, trained acupressure expert, Homeopathy practitioners’, Dentist, free Eye check up, cataract operation at a very concessional rate, by our eye surgeon, distribution of medicines & medical checkup camp as a part of health care being arranged for our members. To promote Guajarati language various talk competitions’ are being held and prizes are awarded to winners. Sports activities like Cricket matches, Carom & Chess tournaments, I Q & Singing competition’s being organized for our members.

Arranging entertainment event s, National and religious festivals , weekly program me of Housie, debate, singing devotional songs (Bhajans) daily in ladies and gents members group, playing carom, chess I Q competition of languages & films, guest talk on various important subject by inviting well known celebrities, Once in a year in pious memory of Pushpa”MAA”(wife of Shri Vinubhai Valia in whose name Foundation has been named) a grand musical/ entertainment programme say Annual Day celebration by our senior citizen members all come on the stage and perform their talents. The same is very much appreciated by media and masses. We have a membership of Doctors, Chartered accountant, Retired Bankers and Retired Insurance officers, from Municipal Corporation, Engineers, T V & film stars, writers, Poet artist, Teachers etc. and also Below Poverty Line.

We have trained singers; they perform musical evening at Sr.Cit. Old age home, old filmy songs and Bhajans (devotional songs), birthday celebration and any other such occasion Shraddhanjali (Homage) program me voluntarily, where it is needed. This is a part of Social service to the society. Arranging quality movie, Drama show exclusively for seniors for members in a Drama hall & theater at a very nominal charges. Celebrating members birthday at the month end, musical evening, by cutting birthday cake, offering card & bouquet, snacks to all members in presence of celebrities from Film industries, T V stars or well known personality from our area.

By public demand and for the convenience of seniors citizens two other centers were opened, one at I C Colony in 2008 with 1000 members and waiting list of 200 members and other at Soni Wadi in 2011. Total 500 members to cover senior citizen from that area of Borivali.

Around 1200 umbrellas were distributed to needy Silvers at a nominal cost of Rs.25/ to all three units. We have recently registered around 925 of our members for UNIQUE I D Card. A special arrangement was made with concern authority to install machine for 22 days at our DADA DADI PARK office to facilitate our members not to stand in long queue for hours to gather.

We welcome visit of Senior Citizen from other origination or school students, interested to study senior Citizen life style at our Dada Dadi Park. We are a helping hand- offering scholarship to deserving /B P L student and a financial help a medical cause with a small token amount.

"Amirkhan production" Team was much impressed with our verities of programme by Senior Citizens. Our activities were appreciated word wise in his “SATYAMEV JAYATE” T V Show in Star Plus which was telecast on 15th July 2012. With membership of 6000+seniors of 60 years & above, with a basketful of various activities with a nominal life time fees of Rs. 102/- has been noticed by LIMCA BOOK OF RECORD

On completion of 100 years of our National Anthum penned by Ravindranath Tagore , our 1500 plus seniors recited “JANA GANA MANA" in presents of media, corporators & political leaders has also been noticed by LIMCA BOOK OF RECORDS. & it has appeared in L B R 2013.

In a nutshell, this is the only charitable trust giving so many products with negligible fee of Rs 102/- LIFETIME , not only in our country but also else were , taking care of a group of 6500 seniors citizens, of only one suburb and not on All India basis at one place. DDP is organized by committed seniors citizen office bearers /Committee members rotated every year with a change of designation taking in to consideration their appraisal report.

….And this is story of 6500 silvers whose life has been changed, with a constant effort of Shri Vinodbhai Valia